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UI design



Nexus Bank is a nationally recognized bank where employees communicate through internal systems. Within the framework of the project, I designed a dashboard used by Nexus Bank employees. The platform allows you to manage daily tasks, chat between employees, view your own statistics, and its main function is to manage clients' cases (adding a new case, modifying a case, exporting an excel table, etc.) The company's employees belong to the 40-year-old age group.


During the design of the dashboard, user-friendliness was one of the main aspects. Therefore, the main functions, such as daily tasks, statistics, chat heads, colleagues and one recent case, were placed on the home screen.

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Dark mode

Design system

When designing the visual design, it was designed for the target audience, i.e. the 40-year-old age group of Nexus Bank. Regarding the use of color, I created a calm, blue color scale, which I sometimes spiced up with a stronger color orange. It stands out enough from the blue color palette, so it is suitable for highlighting individual elements. I built the typography and icon system in such a way that it would be as easy to see as possible, even for a person who is not so used to technology.

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Responsive design

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