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User Research, User flows, Wireframes, Update UI, Prototype



Moly is a Hungarian application that allows users, among other things, to search for books and track their current reading. The name Moly comes from the Hungarian word "könyvmoly", which means a person who likes to read a lot, who is always hiding in books, the same meaning as the English word "bookworm". The application's structure and user interface were adapted in 2016 almost one-for-one from the "" website, which resulted in the application becoming crowded and chaotic.


The initial app did not have any analytics data except the number of the downloads and the reviews. The application has been downloaded by more than 10 000 people and received 311 reviews. Most of them report that the application is not user-friendly, that it is too difficult to navigate, and finally that the structure of the browser has been changed one by one. As part of the research, I interviewed two potential users and two users who are currently using the application. The research revealed that the main pain points are the difficulty of tracking the current reading, the lack of personal book recommendations, the difficulty of searching, the difficulties of saving books, and the unclear navigation. With the research insights I created a persona and an Informational Architecture (IA) to organize the structure and help users to easily find what they are looking for.

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Wireframing and testing

After the research phase, I created the low fidelity wireframes to test their usability. Then I planned the testing, which I was able to do on 5 participants which is successfully revealed the difficulties that the users had to face while completing the tasks. During the testing, the participants had to complete 5 tasks, such as "Find a book you are not currently reading and add it to the Current Reading list", "Find a contemporary book", "Check your statistics", etc. Aware of this, I made some important changes before designing the UI, such as making the genres appear on the main page for easier search.

Design system

In terms of visual design, the goal was to keep the hallmarks of the original brand, such as the blue color, but still renew it. I supplemented the original color palette with some vibrant colors that appear here and there but do not overpower the original blue color. This is how a fun, but still "Moly" brand was created. The aim of the typography was also to renew it a bit. The website was created with the Inter font, which is a clean, modern Google font.

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High-fidelity prototype

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