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User research, Market research, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI design



Monti is a gap-filling mobile application that offers help to parents raising children according to the Montessori education method. One of the biggest difficulties in Montessori education is for parents to be able to provide suitable developmental activities for their child in their current motor development stage and sensitive period. The problem statment is that there is no comprehensive database that unites Montessori parents and they can search for suitable game ideas. In the fast-paced world where there is hardly any time for anything, it takes a lot of time to be able to find suitable ideas.


As part of the research, I planned and conducted a survey, where I got to know the difficulties and needs of potential users. Parents who raise their children according to the Montessori educational method participated. The research revealed that one of the problems is that parents don't know what new task to give their child after each acquired skill. It is also difficult for them to find a suitable toy that matches their child's age and level of motor development. I also surveyed the market, where it turned out that an application similar to Monti does not yet exist. There are only applications where older children can be educated in various topics, but there are none that help parents in everyday life.

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Define the users needs

After the research, with the above insights, I defined the needs of the users and created a persona that perfectly represents a group of potential users. One of the biggest pain points for users is that they have little time to find suitable activities for their child in addition to everyday tasks and work.

Personalization process

When the user starts using the application, they goes through a personalization process to get the best possible experience. Where the application can be fully customized from the child's date of birth through the current level of motor development to the setting of their current interests. In this way, it offers the parent the most suitable ideas and games.

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High fidelity prototype

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