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Scope of Work

User research, Competitive audit, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI design, Testing



Museo is an innovative and user-friendly audio-tour application designed to enhance the museum-going experience for art enthusiasts. Users have the opportunity to buy tickets to the various exhibitions and listen to the audio content of the exhibited pieces. The main target users of the app are people who are often going to museums and want to know more about the art pieces. The goal of the project was to design an application that is user friendly and usable by all users.

Understanding the user

I conducted an interview session with three potential users, which provided me with a lot of information. I created user personas, based on the research informations, about the users needs and pain points. I identified primary group of users, with two pain points. One of the pain points was about the language options, and the other one was about the mobile data when they are abroad. I conducted a competitive analysis for know better the market which I designing for. I have found out from the research that the apps on the market are not very accessible, and they were hard to navigate.

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Wireframes and Usability test

After the paper wireframes, I also created the digital wireframe and prototype of the screens. After which I was able to conduct a usability test with 5 participants. During the test, I received a lot of useful feedback from which I drew conclusions and changed the plans. The participants had to complete five tasks, which were followed by follow-up questions, and at the very end of the body, they had to fill in a survey. The five tasks were: "1. Choose a tour, then a piece of art you want to listen to" "2. Change the language of the audio and transcript." "3. Buy a ticket for a Tour" "4. Figure out where to navigate from the Home page to edit the quality of downloads" "5. Overall, what do you think of this app? What did you like and dislike about it?"

Design system

During the design of the project's visual elements, I placed great emphasis on the user experience. Due to the darkness in the gallery, I designed the application with a dark color scheme that does not disturb the user or the other visitors around they with its bright light. Which I added with a gold color to draw users' attention to the CTA buttons. Regarding the font, I chose a clean, non-serif font, which I supplemented with a serif font in some places. Due to adequate accessibility, this can be edited when reading the transcript. Both font size and type.

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High fidelity prototype

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